Picture preview: Mon 21st - Fri 25th October 7pm

Coming up in the Village: Pete spills the beans about Moira and Nate, Cain executes his revenge and Chas gives birth to a baby boy...

Cain and Faith - Emmerdale - ITV
Faith tells Cain that Moira and Pete are having an affair!
Pete and Cain - Emmerdale - ITV
Cain seeks revenge; threatening Pete until he revels that it is, in fact, Nate who is having an affair with Moira!
Nate, Cain and Moira go fishing - Emmerdale - ITV
Cain coerces Moira and Nate into a fishing trip… but all is not what it seams!
Nate and Cain - Emmerdale - ITV
Cain takes Nate to task, who admits that he has been having an affair with his wife.
Nate and Cain on a boat - Emmerdale - ITV
A fight ensues between Nate and Cain!
Nate, Cain and Moira - Emmerdale - ITV
As Cain and Nate fight viscerally, Cain picks up a plank and prepares to finish the job….will he kill Nate?
Boat explosion - Emmerdale - ITV
In all the commotion, a petrol canister leaks and a huge explosion engulfs the boat. Who will get out alive?!
Chas' waters break in the toilet - Emmerdale - ITV
The Woolpack reopens, but Marlon and Chas get trapped in the toilet without a phone between them. Right on cue, Chas’ waters break! Marlon coaches her through her labour, ensuring her that she can do this!
Mandy and Vinny- Emmerdale - ITV
Mandy and Vinny panic when the solicitor arrives to sort the money. A skeptical Lydia gets to the bottom of their scheme...will Mandy make a run for it?