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Picture preview: Mon 22 - Fri 26 Sep

Coming up in the Village: Idyllic breaks, new relationships, facing the music and more. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Doug Potts admits to Ashley that he still holds a torch for Diane and always has done!
Charity and Declan awake in their cottage retreat...
Debbie's saddened by the distance between Pete and her, but grateful for his support
Kirin and Vanessa tell the Village give it a go as a proper couple!
Adam's due in court for sentencing and is pretending to be fine, but confesses to Aaron how nervous he is and that he doesn't want Moira there...
Sandy's worried about what's troubling Edna...
Megan and Robbie get to the cottage but with Declan and Charity not there they continue to look for them nearby in the woods...

Has Megan's need for revenge gone too far? Watch what Gaynor Faye has to say:

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Weekday evenings