Picture preview: Mon 24th June - Fri 28th June

Coming up in the Village: Billy gets involved with an armed siege, Dawn goes to see Lucas, Jai and Laurel get closer, Chris Kamara makes an appearance and a single gunshot leaves someone fighting for their lives...

Billy runs from the scene of the crime - Emmerdale
Billy agrees to go ahead with Max's plan, but secretly informs the police and asks them to intercept. Will Max find out?
Billy  - Emmerdale
Billy worries that Max will find out that he informed the police.
Football match, Chris Kamara - Emmerdale - ITV
The big football match puts the villager’s competitiveness to the test. Guess who the opposition manager is? Chris Kamara.
Laurel and Jai - Emmerdale
Laurel and Jai get closer at the factory.
Dawn and Lucas - Emmerdale
A nervous Dawn goes to meet Lucas. She initially doesn’t mind that he ignores her, but as he continues to do so, Dawn leaves humiliated.
Liam and Bernice - Emmerdale
Bernice finds a Balaclava in Liam's bag and confronts him.
Max holds Marlon, April and Jessie at gunpoint - Emmerdale
When April, Jessie and Marlon return home early from the village football match, Max appears. He hold them at gun-point while he waits for Billy to arrive.