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Picture preview: Mon 25 - Fri 29 May

Coming up in the Village: Sad farewells, intense fights, tough admissions and more. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Bob gives Brenda the silent treatment over both Carly and the shop and Brenda's worried she's overstepped the mark.
Laurel's been to her first AA meeting and is grateful for Ashley's support.

It look a very scary moment for Laurel to admit she's an alcoholic. Watch the night she hit rock bottom and the day she confided in Moira:

Debbie explains to Pete and Finn that Ross, who is about to fight, is in trouble, urging them to help her find him. They soon find Ross at the venue preparing for his big fight, seemingly determined to go ahead.
Everyone's shocked to learn Zak pawned all Lisa's jewellery to bet on Ross winning the fight!

EXCLUSIVE: See more pics of Ross's fight now!

Everyone heads outside the pub as Betty returns to say her goodbyes. In true Betty style, she bids farewell to the village, leaving her friends and family gob smacked as she is driven away in an enormous limousine.

Get a sneak peek of Betty's best bits before anyone else does:

At the garage, Pete confronts Cain over Debbie and Ross as he's convinced there is more to it, but Cain puts forward a convincing case to persuade him otherwise. Can Pete find a way to prove his trust in Debbie once and for all?
Jai purposefully winds Rachel up and soon once again a fracas ensues which has Rachel exactly where Jai wants her...
...in trouble!

Jai's not going to let Rachel stand in his way, and will do anything to get her out of the picture. Watch what happened when Jai trapped Rachel in a freezer:

Adam admits to Moira he had a thing with Vanessa. Could Adam be the father of Vanessa's baby?
Later on, Vanessa orders a private DNA test and soon she and Adam sit apprehensively as the nurse arrives. With Vanessa with Adam getting a test, will their one nightstand now be exposed?
Alicia discovers Paul wants them to move to Portugal sooner. Leyla's devastated and pleads for them to stay. But will Alicia listen?
Bernice is under pressure as Andy asks about her new boyfriend - and Diane suggests she invite him to the pub!

Bernice's last relationship (with Andy!) didn't end too well...Re-live the moment Bernice nearly ruined Andy's wedding:

Rakesh asks Leyla for Vanessa's number but while she's out of the room he spots the DNA results letter and takes it. Once home Rakesh is horrified when he reads the results! What will Rakesh do with the information?
Leyla gets rid of Carly by sending her to the shop...
...as Jai comes downstairs, after having spent the night with Leyla! She's firm telling him it was a mistake. But later she's shocked when Jai returns telling her she's all he can think about.

This summer is going to be hotter than the sun...watch our exclusive trailer of what's to come in the Village:

The TVChoice Awards 2015 is now open for the first round of voting:

Best Soap ActorDanny Miller (Aaron Livesy)Mark Charnock (Marlon Dingle)Michael Parr (Ross Barton)

Best Soap ActressCharley Webb (Debbie Dingle)Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel Dingle)Natalie Anderson (Alicia Metcalfe)

Best Soap Newcomer:Louise Marwood (Chrissie Sugden)Ryan Hawley (Robert Sugden)Thomas Atkinson (Lachlan White)

Best Soap: Emmerdale

The first round in voting closes at 12am on Friday 5 June, so get your vote in!

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