Picture preview: Mon 28 Jan - Fri 1 Feb

Coming up in the Village: Cons, collusion and more. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Billy, Jessie and Ellis in Tall Trees - Emmerdale - ITV
There’s tension at Tall trees as Ellis goads Billy. Unable to control his anger, Billy punches him and a shocked Marlon throws Billy out.
Daz, Amelia, Kyle, Dan and Kerry in Dale Head - Emmerdale - ITV
When Daz tells Amelia the reason he’s leaving is because Kerry has threatened to call the police if he doesn’t, Amelia confronts Kerry.
Jessie and Marlon in Tall Trees - Emmerdale - ITV
Jessie is left conflicted when the police ask her to make a statement. If she tells the truth- Billy goes back to jail. If she lies- she risks losing Ellis. What will she do?
Kerry and Dan in the cafe - Emmerdale - ITV
Kerry explodes at him and frustrated with her lack of support, Dan reveals his masterplan is to use reverse psychology on Amelia. The couple reach breaking point and Dan is worried when Kerry compares Amelia leaving, to losing Amy. Can the couple make it through this troubled time or is this the end for them?
Robert and Nicola talking - Emmerdale - ITV
Unaware that Graham is on to her and Robert’s scam, Nicola is surprised when Graham wants to see plans for their new housing development. Graham and Megan watch as Nicola panics and shares the news with Robert.
Nicola and Graham in Home Farm - Emmerdale - ITV
Nicola is terrified to realise Graham knows all about her fraudulent activities.
Harriet, Jimmy and Robert in the Woolpack - Emmerdale - ITV
Will Robert and Jimmy fall victim to their own con?
Amelia and Kerry talking - Emmerdale - ITV
Will Kerry convince Amelia not to leave the village with Daz?
Maya and Gabby on Main Street - Emmerdale - ITV
Maya stirs the pot between Jacob, Liv and Gabby.
Laurel, Dawn and Kerry in the factory - Emmerdale - ITV
Struggling with the Cold Turkey side effects, Dawn arrives at the factory for her trial shift but with Kerry as her mentor, will Dawn find a friend or foe in Kerry?
NTA logo - Emmerdale - ITV

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Best Serial DramaEmmerdale

Best Serial Drama PerformanceEmma AtkinsLucy Pargeter

Best NewcomerJames Moore

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