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Picture preview: Ross's big heist (11-15 Aug)

Ross is anxious to hear from Gary and get the fine detail for the job....

Gary's a man of his word...(threatening words, that is)

...but Gary North makes an appearance (in Ross's home!), leaving him worried when Gary means business.

Oh no!

Ross and Donna go to retrieve the goods for Gary. However at the nightclub, things have gone terribly wrong though as Donna desperately tries to continue as planned.

Ross is really taking a beating...

As Stephen nightclub owner comes back, he's less than pleased to find 'coppers' threatening his staff...

Donna looks worried...

Donna's She tells Stephen she has a warrant, but will it wash?

Will Ross and Donna get the job done?

Stephen grows suspicious when things don’t seem to add up and he punches Ross in thestomach. With Ross beaten and Donna cornered their fate looks bleak. Can they get out of this one and get the job done for Gary?

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Weekday evenings