Picture preview: Will Aaron save Adam? (11-15 Aug)

It's the day of the job and emotions are running high...

Adam assumes his position outside the courthouse, ready and primed to warn Ross when club owner Stephen leaves to return to his business. But little does Adam know, someone is watching him...

Adam and Aaron in the city - Emmerdale - ITV
Adam's in deep...

Adam’s part in the job goes horribly wrong when he’s interrupted out of the blue by his old friend Aaron. Desperate, Adam tries to stop Aaron interfering...but could it already be too late?

Adam and Aaron in the city - Emmerdale - ITV
Could the pair go on the run?

Later on, Chas dreads what Adam’s dragged her son into. As the best friends meet up, Aaron tells Adam they can’t stay in the village - the police will be looking for him - so the pair head to the Cricket pavilion to decide the next move. Adam’s desperate to get hold of Ross andcollect his money but unable to get him, heads to find Donna instead.

As Aaron realises how messed up Adam is, can he save his best friend from self destruction?

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