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Pictures: Soap star cross-overs!

From the Cobbles to Village, Square to the Dales - check out some of the soap stars that have crossed over. Can you name which soaps they've been in?

Zoe Henry played baby snatching Kim (AKA Casey) Carswell before taking on the role as veterinarian Rhona Goskirk!
Leaving her curling iron in the salon, Denise Black went from a hairdressing Denise Osbourne to Joanie Wright, the adoptive grandmother of Amy Wyatt's son!
Anthony Quinlan was playing personal trainer Gilly Roach before trading in the weights for Pete Barton's cattle!
Iconic and memorable, Claire King dominated the Village as Kim Tate years before pulling pints as Erik Hulroyd!
Before James Sutton was planning his wedding as John Paul McQueen, he was preparing for his murder case as Ryan Lamb!
After Maureen's three failed marriages, Sherrie Hewson went for the fresh Yorkshire air as Lesley Meredith!
Dangerous and daring, Bill Ward traded in Charlie Stubbs cheating attitude to play tough-but-fair James Barton!
Before the religious dog collar, Katherine Dow Blyton played Sally Hunter - frantically searching for her missing daughter
Beverley Callard was serving chips in the Village before serving pints as Liz MacDonald!
Ross Kemp appeared as army deserter Graham Lodsworth in Emmerdale long before playing bad boy Grant Mitchell!

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Weekday evenings