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Next week: Chloe slaps Charity Also: Caleb seeks the truth from Cain and Rhona finds herself at the hospital.

Chloe Slaps Charity

Mack bites the bullet and ends things with Chloe.

Chloe is devastated, but dismisses Mack with a cold shoulder.

Later, Chloe spots Mack and Charity kissing in the distance.

She sees red, runs over and slaps Charity across the face.

Did Mack really think Chloe would back off quietly?


Caleb notices the guilt nestled under Kim when Craig's name is mentioned.

He taunts her. Kim warns him to back off, but he knows he has got to her.

Later, Caleb overhears a call between Kim and Cain and his suspicions rise.

Will Caleb figure out the truth or will Cain lie his way through it?

Rhona Finds Herself In The Hospital Again.

Rhona sneaks off to the hospital to try to see the baby.

She attempts to find out more from a nurse but is alarmed that Gus is there too.

The next day, Rhona is witness to Dawn’s pregnancy pains.

In a panic, she rushes to get Doctor Liam.


Sophie criticises Ryan for trying to connect with Oscar. 

And Eric is too proud to go to a Parkinson's support group.

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Weekday evenings