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Bob and Bernice's grand opening of the B&B. Also: Eric's knocked unconscious and Ethan is planning on proposing to Marcus.

The B&B Grand Opening

Bob and Bernice franticly prepare for the opening of the B&B.

But the harpist is a no show.

Bernice, later finds out that there's something wrong with the harpist.

Not sure this was the grand opening Bob and Bernice had hoped for.

Eric Is Unconscious

Whilst in hot pursuit of a fleeing Sam,

Eric falls over hitting his head.

Leaving Eric injured and unconscious on the floor.

Sam looks over Eric worried about what he's done.

Ethan's Plan To Propose

After their argument, Marcus returns home.

Ethan plans to propose to Marcus.

But Ethan is in for a shock.

Will the proposal go ahead?


Naomi calls it off between her and Nate.

In an envious moment Wendy throws freezing cold water over Bob.

And Laurel comforts Arthur when Marshall insists they can't be friends.

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Weekday evenings