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What's In Store For The Village Next Week.

Next Week: Eric lashes out. Also: Victoria and Jacob play with fire and all is not well with for the Dingle family.

Eric Lashes Out At Brenda

Brenda feels there is something up with Eric.

She tries to talk to him in the shop but is met with a fiery response.

He quickly lashes out at her and leaves her feeling baffled.

Will Eric tell Brenda what's going on or will he keep his health a secret?

Jacob And Victoria Play With Fire

Victoria and Jacob push the boundaries as they sneakily hold hands outside the shop.

Little did they know that David was right behind them.

Later on, Victoria is puzzled when out of the blue Jacob ghosts her.

But will she find out why?

The Dingle's.

Sam is put under pressure.

Belle has to be strong for Tom.

Sam is left devastated when Lydia announces that she's moving out.

Chas challenges Aaron.


Bernice is hiding a secret.

And Amit tells his story.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings