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Next week: Will accuses Sam of stealing from him. Also: Charity receives some information she doesn't like and Marshall sticks up for Arthur.

A Wrongful Accusation!

Will confronts Sam after his watch went missing.

Caleb, seeing this, decides to step in and back up his new family.

Lydia and Sam are not impressed, but Kim comes grovelling...

Charity's Phone call

Charity receives some shocking information from a mystery phone call.

Mack worries she's found out his secret.

Then Cain see's that something is wrong...

Marshall And Arthur

Marshall sticks up for Arthur against a bully.

Arthur is pleased to see Marshall is actually on his side.

1st Date Nerves

Noah and Amelia finally go on their first date, but Noah is feeling the nerves...


Chas tells Paddy what her and Al had, was more than what they had.

Ethan has been called into a meeting about the investigation against Greg.

Laurel tells Arthur he can do his presentation, but some of the children have to sit out...

Cain and Charity take a ride in Caleb's car!

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings