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Preview Pictures: A Perfect Day For Faith

Next week: The Dingles pull out all the stops to give Faith a perfect day of memories.

Emmerdale Beach

When Faith’s health takes a turn, it’s looking like her seaside trip won’t go ahead.

But Cain is determined to find a solution.

If Faith can’t go to the seaside, then the seaside can come to Faith!

It’s a day full of love, laughter and stories exchanged between old friends.

And things get even better when a familiar face turns up!

It’s a perfect day.

Afterwards, Faith decides that her time has come to an end.

And Cain is with her as she drifts off to sleep.

If you’ve been affected by Faith’s story, please click here for support and advice.


Things heat up for Nate and Tracy.

There’s a charged moment between Will and Harriet.

And Kim overhears a risky conversation.

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Weekday evenings