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Next week: Manpreet knows what's bothering Ethan, but will she tell Charles? Also: Lydia worries about Kim and Mandy puts Mack in danger!

Ethan’s Torment 

At Rishi’s party, Ethan and Manpreet make excuses as to why they’ve arrived together. 

Later, when Ethan looks disheartened, Meena sends Manpreet over to comfort him.

Will Manpreet tell Charles what’s bothering Ethan?

Vinny Places A Bet

Vinny finds an old notebook of Paul’s filled with tips and tricks about betting.

Liv urges him to forget about it and move on from Paul!

But secretly, he places a bet…

And when Mandy sees how excited he is watching the end of the race, she worries.

Is Vinny heading down a dangerous path?

Mandy Takes Action

Mandy meets with Mack and soon enough danger comes knocking…

Will they be okay?

Lydia Worries About Kim

When Lydia finds Kim dozing off at her laptop, she urges her to seek medical help.

But when Kim gets defensive, Lydia is left fuming. 

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Weekday evenings