Weekday evenings

Preview Pictures: Coming Up In Emmerdale

Coming up: Liam has extravagant proposal plans, but what will happen when Meena gets involved? Also: Liv’s guilt intensifies and Lydia is arrested!

Liam Proposes!

Liam has given David a secret mission to help him propose to Leyla.

What could possibly go wrong?! 😅

Especially when Meena gets involved!

At the end of the day, true love wins ❤️

But has Meena ruined things between her and David?

Brenda Accuses Faith

Having realised her brooch is missing, Brenda suspects her and Pollard have been robbed.

Later, she accuses Faith! But has she got it wrong?

Bear isn’t happy with Faith either when he spots her flirting with Pollard, let’s hope he doesn’t try and get any revenge!

A Shock Arrest

Mandy encourages Lydia to apply for a pupil liaison job at the local school.

She’s overjoyed with how well the interview goes!

But when the police turn up to arrest her, she’s mortified!

Liv’s Guilt

As Liv’s guilt over Paul’s death intensifies, so does her temptation to have a drink.

Will she open up to Aaron?

Weekday evenings