Weekday evenings

Preview Pictures: Four Things To Not Miss In Next Week's Emmerdale

Next week: It’s Frankie’s Christening, but will everything go to plan? Also: Aaron tries to do the right thing and Liv has a difficult conversation. 

Frankie’s Christening 

At the Christening, Tracy struggles to cope with the tension between the Dingles and Pollard.

Will the rest of the day go smoothly?

Aaron’s Conscience 

Brenda continues with her accusations against Faith!

But when Aaron overhears, he realises he needs to step in and sort the situation out. 

Although when Mack doesn’t want to play ball, Aaron decides to steal it back!

Will he be able to get it back safely? We don’t think so… 😬

Under Pressure

Feeling overwhelmed, Jimmy confides in Mandy about his latest struggles. 

Later, he invites Juliette over in a bid to help Carl to open up.

How will Nicola react?

Liv Opens Up

Liv continues to struggle with her guilt and finds solace in a bottle of vodka. 

Vinny is shocked when he finds out that she’s at breaking point.

Will Liv find the courage to be honest with him?

Weekday evenings