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Preview Pictures: A Dramatic Week For Kim And Liv

Coming up: A week of meddling leaves Kim to come up with a plan of action! Meanwhile, Liv is determined to self destruct. Can she be helped?

Kim’s Difficult Decision 

Kim plucks up the courage to ask her doctor for a proper dementia test. 

Later, a shadowy figure continues to spike her brandy with Diazepam.

And Gabby isn’t too thrilled when she spots Noah listening into conversations!

Can Jamie intervene and put a stop to Gabby’s meddling?

Or will Kim have to come up with a plan herself?

Liv’s Troubles Worsen

Full of guilt, Liv can’t stop drinking.

Aaron pleads with her to reach out to Vinny, but he struggles to get through to her. 

She continues to self destruct and inevitably makes some bad decisions. 

Can Chas save the day? 

Or is she too late?


Ethan decides to start living his best life. 

Matty doesn’t know what to do when Amy declares her love for him.

And the police let Pollard know that the charges against him have been dropped.

But then take Aaron in for questioning!

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings