Weekday evenings

Preview Pictures: Things To Not Miss Next Week!

Next week: The chaos at Home Farm continues, but will Noah discover what's afoot? Also: Jimmy is livid and Faith looks like she's up to no good!

Down At Home Farm…

Gabby is thrilled to see how emotional Jamie becomes at the scan. 

Later, he returns home to find Millie in the throes of an allergic reaction!

A furious Andrea turns up and forbids Kim from seeing Millie again.

Seeing how upset Kim is, Gabby shows her a scan photo.

But Noah notices that her behaviour is suspicious.

And it doesn’t take long until he’s reporting all he’s seen back to Jamie!

Over At Jimmy’s…

Jimmy is livid when he discovers what has been going on behind his back!

And his bad mood continues when Juliette appears...

Can Nicola calm him down?


Faith has a plan in regards to the hearse!

But what will she say when Pollard catches her pinching some bedding and a mattress?!

What is she up to?

Weekday evenings