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Preview Pictures: Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Kim puts her plan into action, but what will she discover? Also: Mack is up to his usual tricks and Leyla goes up against Bernice.

Kim Has A Plan

Kim gathers Jamie, Dawn, Will, Gabby, Al and Jai to decide who her successor will be.

And it isn’t long before the bickering begins… what is Kim really up to? 👀

Meanwhile, over with Mack…

Ryan is livid when he catches Mack with a treasured keepsake of Pollard’s.

Having being persuaded to do the right thing, Mack approaches Pollard with an ultimatum.

And Pollard isn’t happy about it as he slumps to the floor!

Will he be okay?

Leyla Versus Bernice

Bernice wants to have a civil catch up with Liam.

But will things get awkward when Leyla interrupts them?

Later, Bernice is in for a whole lot of trouble when Leyla misinterprets a situation involving an engagement ring.

Is this the start of a new rivalry? 


Ethan thinks he knows what Luke is up to. 

Leanna drops some hints to Billy. 

Nicola and Jimmy look forward to spending some time with Carl.

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings