Weekday evenings

Preview Pictures: Who Is Poisoning Kim?

Who is poisoning Kim?

There are a lot of suspects to choose from…

Fed up of the dynamic at work, Al and Jai form a mutiny!

Which leaves Kim seething… and Gabby is the one who feels her wrath!

She tells Noah that she won’t be pushed around much longer...

When Will comes to check on Kim, her paranoia gets the upper hand and she sends him packing!

Later, she has an unpleasant encounter with Dawn and Jamie, which leaves everyone feeling unsettled and angry. 

What lengths will Kim go to in order to protect herself!?


Lydia is mugged by some lads who are out for revenge about the pension scam!

Tracy continues to struggle with parenthood. 

Bernice is back, but Liam thinks she is a drunken illusion!

Weekday evenings