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Previews: Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Liam's allotment grows peas and followers! Also: Charity and Mack get caught red handed by a very familiar face.

Liam's Allotment

Amelia thinks of a fun way to help Liam with his new allotment.

And once word spreads, he's soon not short of helpers!


Charity and Mack go on the rob.

And just when they think they've hit gold they're caught red handed.

By a very familiar face!

What on earth is going on?!

Andrea's Memorial

Kim prepares Millie for her mother's memorial.

But she's interrupted when someone turns up!

Break Out The Microwave!

Marlon isn't happy when Al suggests new plans for The Woolpack...

... but Chas gives the go ahead.

What is Al's game?!

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Weekday evenings