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Previews: Coming Up On Emmerdale

Next week: Chas and Paddy hatch a plan, Al gets his own way in the Woolpack and Aaron loses it with Jai.

Chas and Paddy hatch a plan

Fed up of Kim's controlling ways, Chas and Paddy hatch a plan.

But will she give in to their demands?

Al gets his own way

In the Woolpack, Al suggests changing brewers.

Marlon is appalled but Chas agrees to them hosting a tasting session to decide.

Will it all go according to Al's plan?

Jai's worries get the better of him

Jai is terrified when he hears that HOP’s management will be held personally responsible for the bridge collapse.

And Laurel is horrified when she finds out all the blame is being put on Ben!

Aaron isn't having any of it and sets off to confront Jai.

Uh oh... how will this one turn out?

Tracy and Nate hit a hurdle

Faith suggests Tracy should organise an intimate date night with Nate.

But when Tracy hears that Nate has gone out drinking, she's left disappointed.

Meanwhile, Nate gets some female attention.

And when Billy covers for him the next day, we're left wondering what Nate was getting up to!

Priya Struggles

Priya is really struggling to deal with her injuries and lashes out at Ellis.

Rishi suggests she calls a psychologist to help her cope.

If you've been affected by Priya's story, please visit: https://northlink.itv.com/PriyasStory


Gabby struggles to adapt to parenthood.

April admits she's been struggling in the wake of Kathy's bullying.

And Rodney announces he's back on the market after his break up with Diane.

Do we have any takers?!

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Weekday evenings