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Next week: Ruby ruins it all. Also: Amy and Matty's wedding celebrations are in full swing and Liam gets his woman!

Ruby Ruins It All

Ruby's furious when she hears Chas has persuaded Caleb to stay.

A blazing argument hits off in the Woolie.

Out of frustration Ruby lashes out and elbows Chas in the chest.

Will Caleb be able to forgive Ruby for injuring his sister?

Amy And Matty's Wedding Celebrations

The party has started!

Kerry surprises everyone with a naked butler.

And now it seems to be the Kerry show!

Meanwhile, Matty gets emotional on his stag do.

Liam Gets His Woman

Could Chas be too late to pick up with where they left off?

Or does Liam have eyes for Ella?

This time Liam is ready to give it his all.

But for who, Chas or Ella?


Belle lies about her location, but Tom's got her tracked!

And the vets receive some sad news.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings