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New Years Eve At Emmerdale

Next week: Eric has a dizzy spell. Also: Marlon's fear comes true and it's New Year's Eve in The Woolpack.

Eric Has A Dizzy Spell

Eric has a funny turn in the cafe.

He's reminded by Jacob that he needs to look after himself.

As Rodney watches by as a concerned friend.

Rhona Confirms Marlon's Fears

Rhona admits to Marlon what he feared the most.

She pleads with him to make things work as a family.

Will Marlon be able to support his wife?

New Year's At The Woolpack.

Sam misses Lydia.

Chas is glad to have Aaron at the Woolpack for New Year. 

And Belle is surprised to hear Tom’s already announced their engagement online. 

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings