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Next week: Charity concerns rise for Belle. Also: Matty's petrified the truth will come out and Charles wants answers.

Charity's Concerns Rise For Belle.

Belle begins to panic as she is questioned on her relationship.

Charity approaches Belle concerned for her wellbeing.

Belle worryingly spots Tom in the distance and shoves Charity away.

Will Charity be able to get through the Belle?

Matty Is Petrified The Truth Will Come Out

Matty continues to keep his head down in prison.

But with people lurking around he's finding it harder than ever.

Will Les be able to keep Matty safe?

Or will he turn on Matty?

Charles Wants Answers

Charles is upset when he finds out Ethan’s hit and run case will be dropped.

The next morning Ruby's finds Charles sleeping on her sofa, much to her dismay.

When the vicar accidentally spills coffee, he bends down and notices a suspicious invoice.

Later that day, Charles insists on giving Caleb a lift into Hotten.

Is this the moment Charles finds out the truth about Ethan's death?


Laurel collapses after an argument with Jai.

Sarah hangs out with the enemy.

Paddy urges Mandy to apologise to Rhona.

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Weekday evenings