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Next week: Mary is left bleeding and unconscious! Also: The Kings have a family reunion and Chloe's world falls apart.

Mary's Left Bleeding And Unconscious.

Suzy smells a rat about Faye and tries to warn Mary.

But she won't listen.

A suspicious Mary starts asking questions, whilst Faye clutches an envelope of money.

Faye makes her escape, leaving Mary bleeding and unconscious.

The King Family Reunion.

Things have been going great between Tom and Belle but there's just one thing looming over their heads... Uncle Jimmy.

But it looks like Tom will have to face up to him sooner rather than later.

After all, blood is blood.

Chloe's World Falls Apart.

As Chloe struggles with motherhood, Mack offers a helping hand.

But they are shocked to see Sarah there as she furiously confronts them! 

Whilst on a walk Chloe reveals to Mack that she is taking Reuben back to Scotland.

With Mack angry and emotions high Chloe's world falls apart when Reuben is then taken into hospital.


Caleb has a new move up his sleeve.

Paddy struggles with his grief when visiting Grace's tree.

And Marshall and Arthur go on a date.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings