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Next week: Dan is charged. Also: Clemmie runs away and Nicky has his eye on Suni.

Dan Is Charged With GBH

The questioning continues as Dan is taken into the station.

As he stumbles on his story they decide to charge him with GBH.

Amelia is desperate for an honest conversation when he arrives home.

However, she is devastated when Dan drunkenly blames his GBH charge on her social media activity.

And if matters couldn't get worse

Llyod's wife turns up at The Woolpack.

Baby Drama.

Dawn and Billy are super excited about the baby, but they can't help worry about telling Clemmie.

Before they even get a chance to tell her, Gabby reveals Dawn’s pregnant.

In a rage Clemmie pushes a stool into Dawn's stomach.

Upset and worried about the situation, Clemmie runs away.

Will they safely find her?

Nicky And Suni.

Suni, Jai's cousin, arrives in town ahead of the wedding.

And it's not long before Nicky catches his eye.

Unfortunately for them, Gabby bumps into them at the bar and is furious to see Nicky happy.

Will Gabby keep quiet, or will she let rip?


Bernice offers to help Tracy.

Can Gail keep her job?

And PC Swirling turns up at The Woolpack.

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Weekday evenings