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What's To Come On Emmerdale

Next week: Belle falls pregnant. Also: Vinny and Gabby share a kiss and will Ruby's guilty conscience spill out the truth?

Belle Falls Pregnant.

After discovering she’s pregnant, Belle pretends she's ill to hide her pregnancy from Tom.

She later heads to the doctors to find out her options going forward.

After a lecture from Cain for selling Belle's car, Tom interrogates a nervous Belle.

As he raises his hand, fearful Belle blurts out that she’s pregnant.

How will Tom take the news?

Later, Belle finds herself locked in and after leaving some food to cook, she shuts her eyes on the sofa.

Unbeknownst to Belle, a tea towel starts to singe in the kitchen whilst she naps...

Vinny And Gabby Kiss.

Vinny and Gabby head out for some drinks at The Woolpack.

The pair are getting on extremely well.

As the evening comes to a close they find themselves kissing.

But Vinny worries about telling Gabby he's a virgin.

Will the pressure be too much for Vinny?

Ruby's Guilty Conscience.

When Charles talks about his grief with Charity, Ruby finds herself in a heap of guilt.

Later, Ruby heads to the church.

She comes across a grieving Charles and offers her hand in comfort.

Is this the moment Ruby comes clean to Charles?

Or will she keep her secret hidden as Ethan's funeral arrives.


Cain demands the truth.

And Liam is torn over his feelings for Ella.

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Weekday evenings