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Next week: Bernice is on the run. Also: Mack proposes, again! And Rhona finds out the truth.

You Can Run But You Can't Hide.

Nicola and Jimmy are furious about their possessions being taken away whilst the culprit, Bernice, is on the run.

Meanwhile, Bob is devastated to find out that Bernice has also neglected to pay the suppliers.

With Bernice in hiding it doesn't take Nicola long to find her.

Refusing to let her get away with this, she grabs her suitcase forcing Bernice to stay.

Bernice confesses her reasons, but will Nicola accept what she has to say or will she head straight to the police?

A Leopard Never Changes It's Spots.

Charity can't handle being in the village and decides to head to Scotland to be with Debbie.

Gutted by this, Mack lays down in front of her car in a plea for her not to leave.

In the moment, Mack confesses his love for her and in the same swoop he proposes again and suggests they get back together.

But what about Chloe?

The next day, Mack goes to break the news to Chloe, but he's interrupted when she collapses unconscious in the kitchen.

Charity watches on in disbelief as Chloe is taken to hospital.

As she stands there she wonders if Mack finally told Chloe the truth?

Rhona Finds Out The Truth.

Marlon can't keep Gus's secret anymore and blurts out the news about her stolen embryos.

The next day, Rhona seeks legal advice from Ethan who makes it clear the legal battle would be tough.

When Gus fails to show at their organised meet up, Rhona goes to his house.

She is faced with packed suitcases and a heavily pregnant Lucy.

Tensions rise as Rhona confronts the couple, but things take a turn for the worse when Lucy doubles over in pain.

Rhona finds herself in a very difficult situation, does she help them or does she walk away?


The drama escalates between Billy and Aaron.

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Weekday evenings