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Next Week: Leyla is held captive. Also: Marshall is put under even more pressure and Charles helps Alex.

Leyla Is Held Captive.

After Callum's surprise visit, Leyla is frantically worried and calls Jacob home from uni.

Suzy is left with no choice to come up with a plan, and she gets in touch with her "contacts".

But Leyla isn't sure it's a good idea.

Little did Suzy know later that day Callum was lurking around waiting to attack her.

With Suzy in hospital, Leyla receives a text from Callum to meet up.

Was it a bold move, or a horrendous mistake?

Marshall Is Put Under Pressure.

Ever since Laurel has taken Marshall under her wing, his dad has been pressuring her to see him.

Marshall agrees after receiving emotional texts from Colin.

Once they're alone, it immediately becomes clear that Colin has not changed his mind.

Is the pressure from his dad too much for Marshall?

Charles Helps Alex.

Good news! Alex bags himself a job. Bad news, it's miles away and he'd need to move.

Surprisingly Charles steps in explaining that the job will take him away from the support group.

And if Alex stays, he will help him.

Should he stay, or should he go?


Paddy is still struggling.

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There are concerns about Cathy's reckless behaviour.

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Weekday evenings