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Next Week In The Village.

Next week: Bob's in trouble. Also: Lydia has a blast from the past.

Things Get Worse For Bob

Bob see's red when he notices Wendy and Liam together.

Despite the villagers’ best efforts to calm him, Bob lobs a football at Liam.

But things take a turn for the worst when Bob feels a sharp pain in his chest.

And is rushed off to hospital suffering a heart attack.

Later on, Bob is visited by an apologetic Liam.

But will Bob be able to forgive and forget?

Lydia's Past Sneaks Up On Her

Sam brings home an old dolls house for Esther's birthday that he found in a skip

And it triggers Lydia's memory back to the children’s home.

Worried about her finances, Lydia asks Kim for more hours but she rejects her.

And she feels she has no other choice than to find a second job.

The next day Lydia announces she’s going to the Hide recruitment fair.

But Lydia is shaken up

When she bumps into a mystery man from her past.


Marlon’s apprehensive at the prospect of collecting his specially adapted car. 

Chloe and Mack worry about finding Godparents.

Mary prepares herself for a date.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings