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Coming Up In The Village.

Next week: Mandy makes a new friend, Heath is laid to rest and Charity is struggling.

Mandy Makes A New Friend.

Mandy arrives at the vets’ social dressed extravagantly and is quickly teased by the managing director.

His PA, Ella, overhears and takes it upon herself to help Mandy.

Mandy is surprised to see her pouring a drink over his head.

Looks like Mandy now has a new friend.

Bob Lays His Son To Rest.

The village turns out to pay their respects to Heath, but Bob is no where to be seen.

Cathy becomes emotional when she see's Heath’s coffin.

Bob turns up just in time to be by her side.

Meanwhile, in the graveyard, Angel’s watches over with guilt.

Will the truth come out about who was driving the day Heath died?

Charity Struggles With Her Past.

Charity and Mack are both still struggling.

Later, Moira approaches Charity as loud bangs sends her into a panic.

Moira tries to console Charity but she snaps and pins her up against the wall.

Will Moira be able to see through Charities erratic behaviour?


Chas finds a lump in her breast.

Aaron tries to kiss Ethan.

And Belle's upset with Tom.

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Weekday evenings