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Next week: Is this the end for Charity and Mack? Also: Moira fears for the worst, and Liam has a secret.

Is This The End For Charity And Mack?

Amy finds a distraught Chloe at the hospital and fears the worse.

But Chloe tells her that Mack is the father of her child.

As the news spreads, this big village secret is finally revealed to everyone.

Will Mack and Charity work things out?

Or will this be the end for them?

Moira Fears For The Worst.

With broken machine's and lost clients, Moira has no other choice than to sell the farm.

And with a little help from Kim and Caleb, it's sure to be a done deal.

Meanwhile, Caleb meets up with Adrian who provides him with USB stick which will allow him to gain access to Kim's passwords.

The question is, who will go down first?

Liam's Little Secret.

Wendy's suspicions arise as she see's Liam sneaking around.

After finding out the truth she goes to confront him.

Will Liam confess to who Anna Le Monde is?

Or will he continue to lie?


Bob and Bernice are at loggerheads.

And Mandy can't take her eyes off Paddy.

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Weekday evenings