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What's Happening Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Moira's life is falling apart. Also: Belle experiences a horrifying shock, and Rose's secret plan is working.

Operation 'Free Matty'

Amy and Moira are distraught when they realise Matty is struggling in prison.

Later, Moira comes up with a dark plan to expose Samson.

As the plan backfires and a heated argument rises between her and Cain, Moira is left shaken with her marriage and life falling apart.

Meanwhile, Kerry tries her luck with Josh in the Woolpack. She secretly records their conversation in the hope he'll spill the truth.

But will her plan work out, or will it crumble to the ground?

Belle's Discovers Tom's Tracking App

Belle's nerves are sky high as she prepares to head to the clinic for a termination, but with no car how will she get there?

She's in horror when she unlocks Tom's phone to pay for her taxi and comes across his tracking app.

Later, Belle arrives at her appointment adamant she can't have this baby.

But how will Tom react when he realises Belle's not at home and her phone isn't with her.

Rose's Plan Is Working

Despite the fact Kim is constantly riled by Rose and her existence, her secret plan is working.

Content with the way things are going Rose informs Ruby.

Elsewhere, Dawn worries about bringing Evan home.

She admits to Will she doesn't want to hug her kids in case she transfers any germs to poorly Evan.


Nicky has had enough of his parents and the village.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings