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Next week: Tom humiliates Belle. Also: Charity hurts Mack and Ruby wants to join forces with Kim.

Tom Humiliates Belle.

When the newly weds return home from their honeymoon, Tom makes sure Belle knows he's the one in control.

The next day, Belle tries to spice things up and surprise Tom at work.

The plan backfires when Tom rudely criticises her.

Leaving Belle feeling humiliated.

Charity's At Breaking Point.

In hope she can regain her defiance, Charity visits Harry's grave.

A moment of madness rises as she beings to trash the grave.

Charity heads to the doctors to in the search of some help.

After a heavy nights sleep, Charity suffers a night terror injuring Mack in the process.

Can Charity escape this never ending nightmare?

It's The End Of Nate And Tracy

Tracy begs Nate to bring Frankie home.

And matters get worse for Tracy when he asks to start their divorce.

Meanwhile, Ruby offers Kim to join forces and make Caleb suffer.

But will Kim accept?


Rhona and Marlon plan their next steps for Ivy.

Angel receives the date of her sentencing.

It's Suni's birthday!

And as Amit leaves he hands Suni and Jai a mysterious envelope.

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Weekday evenings