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Chas Meets A Mystery Man

After a lonely drink at The Hop, Chas meets a guy and they head back to her place.

As they arrive she quickly admits bringing him home was a mistake, leaving him to sleep on the sofa.

When Chas heads upstairs, he snoops around and picks up a picture of Caleb.

The next morning, he bumps into Paddy on his way out.

Leaving an awkwardness in the air.

Lydia Speaks The Truth

Mandy overhears Samson on the phone talking about Lydia.

She suspects that Lydia and Craig could be having an affair.

The next day, Kim finds Lydia upset after Mandy confronted her.

Unable to hold it in any longer, Lydia is forced to tell Kim the truth.

But will Kim be able to persuade her to tell Sam?

Charity Finds Herself In A Sticky Situation

Charity hears the news about Chloe and Mack's engagement and charms Liam into going out for a meal.

But they end up sitting right next to the the newly engaged pair for dinner.

Charity ramps up the flirting.

The next day, Chloe and Charity find themselves in the playground together when Reuben falls ill.

And Chloe has no other option but to ask Charity to take them to the hospital.

But will a guilty Charity spill the truth about her fling with Mack?


Moira is suspicious of Cain's behaviour.

And Charles tries to apologise to Tom.

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Weekday evenings