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Next week: It's Charity and Mack's Stag and Hen do Also: Alex shows his true colours and there's diagnosis speculation for Cathy.

Charity And Mack's Stag And Hen Do.

Chloe comes back to the village for a medical appointment and tells Mack she will be moving to Scotland permanently.

After seeing Chloe and Mack together, Moria suspects there is more to this situation,

But she let's it lie for now and questions him about having children.

It's Stag and Hen do time!

With the theme being Yorkshire vs. Scotland Highland.

Will Moria investigate more about Mack and Chloe?

Or will the Stag and Hen do be a success?

Alex Shows His True Colours.

Belle tells Naomi that she thought she witnessed Alex buying drugs.

Frustrated, Naomi goes to confront Alex and is fobbed off with a lie.

To make matters worse, Alex breaks into the surgery to steal the drugs delivery.

But surprisingly Manpreet turns up.

Does Manpreet catch Alex in his attempt to steal from her?

Cathy's Potential Diagnosis.

Manpreet tells Bob and Wendy she thinks it's more than her mental health and predicts a diagnosis.

Little did they know that Cathy was eavesdropping.

And barges in telling them she heard everything.

This isn't the news she wanted to hear.


Liam asks Paddy to move in with him.

Amelia struggles with childcare and college.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings