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What's To Come On Emmerdale.

A Leopard Never Changes It's Spots.

When the Christening venue falls through, Charity kindly offers to host it at the pub.

Later on, a grovelling Mack heads around to Charity's to accept her offer.

But things turn emotional between the two

And they find themselves in a passionate embrace.

A moment of confusion and embarrassment is shared

Before Mack dashes out, leaving Charity alone to process what just happened.

But the question is, will Mack confess to Chloe?

Craig Causes Controversy

Craig and Lydia reconnect over lunch, reminiscing about the children's home.

The pair return home in Craig's flashy car.

Samson is in awe of Craig, but Sam seems concerned about the time they are spending together.

The jealousy continues inside when Craig offers to fix the guttering, Sam Dingle failed to complete.

Leaving Sam feeling pushed out.

The Feud Continues.

When Paddy notices Mary crying in a field, he's delayed meeting Marlon.

Which continues their argument, when Marlon feels rejected by his pal.

But Rhona's had enough of all of them,

As she confesses they must all face their fears!


Charles isn't happy when the Probation Officer turns up.

Jai wants back his family heirloom from Manpreet.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings