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Coming Up In The Village.

Next week: Tom abuses his power over Vinny. Also: Manpreet flirts with Billy and Will keeps a secret from Kim.

Tom Takes Power

Belle is shocked to see Vinny so battered and stays to care for him.

But with Tom jealous of Belle’s relationship with Vinny he finds a way to deliberately belittle him.

Soon Tom reveals he is keen to help Vinny find a girlfriend.

And comes up with a plan that involves Gabby.

What's the worst that could happen?

Manpreet Sets Her Eyes On Billy

Billy starts up his PT and fitness business again but it’s a bit of a shaky start.

Kim isn't convinced it's going to work out.

Billy's number one attendee Manpreet soon realises she has a crush on Billy.

Will Billy catch on to Manpreet's flirting?

Will Keeps A Secret From Kim

Will slips away after receiving a mysterious phone call and ends up in the hospital.

He comes face to face with Rose, someone he knows of old.

Will returns home but he reveals nothing about where he has been.

How long can he keep his secrets from Kim?


Victoria's had enough of Leyla's digs.

Sarah has work experience with Cain.

And Gus tries to get a lighter sentence.

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Weekday evenings