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Next Week On Emmerdale.

Next Week: Chas finds out about her cancer diagnosis. Also: Nate is furious about Tracy and Cain's ready to end Aaron.

Chas's Breast Cancer Diagnosis.

Liam accompanies Chas to her appointment, where she finds out her results.

The next day, Lydia realises there is something wrong.

She lets Chas know she can confide in her.

But will Chas be able to open up to Lydia?

Nate Is Suspicious About Tracy

Tracy gives Nate the cold shoulder.

A paranoid Nate goes rummaging through Tracy phones to find answers.

Determined to find out what's going on, he heads to Caleb's.

Barging in, he's met with a flustered Caleb.

But will Nate find out the truth?

Aaron And Cain Fight.

Cain's had enough of Aaron's antics.

In a rage, Cain pins Aaron to the floor.

This is Cain's opportunity to finish Aaron off.

But will he?


Rhona has some explaining to do to Gus.

Mandy helps Ella prepare for an interview at the surgery.

Gabby shakes hands with Jai's enemy.

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Weekday evenings