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Next Week On Emmerdale

Next Week: Angel is knocked unconscious after a car crash. Also: Jimmy and Tom come to blows and Bob and Wendy's relationship might be on the rocks!

Nicola's Crash

Nicola's trip to the dentist doesn't go the way she planned...

Moira and Nicola rush to attend to an unconscious Angel

Will she be okay?

Uncle Vs Nephew

Jimmy tries to talk to his nephew and finally get things sorted, but Tom isn't having any of it.

Will they ever be able to settle their differences?

Secret Moments

Bob and Bernice sit down with a glass of wine.

After Bob tells Bernice he's always thought she was beautiful, she makes a move.

Will Bob accept Bernice's kiss?

Meanwhile, Wendy and Liam are shocked to find out who won Murder Most Murky New Crime Writer of the Year award.

And get caught up in the moment!

Or will it be more than just one moment?

Manpreet Has An Awkward Encounter

Manpreet comes back from the toilet to find a very rude lady sat on her table...

And then she is horrified to find out she is Charles' mother!


Bear thinks he has a chance with Mandy.

And a blast from Ryan's past appears!

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Weekday evenings