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Coming up: Charity's distractions cause trouble, Liv is released and could this be the return of Meena?

Charity Gets Herself Into Trouble

Charity has a lovely time with Vanessa and the boys.

But maybe she shouldn't have declined a phone call from Mackenzie.

Little did she know he was phoning to tell her the news that Irene had passed away.

Mackenzie urges Ryan to tell Charity about it.

But eventually Mackenzie is the one to break the news.

Charity is cross with him for not telling her sooner.

However, she is left hurt realising she’s upset both Mackenzie and Ryan. 

After some encouragement from Vanessa, Charity heads out to apologise.

But before anything can be said, she spots a drunken Mackenzie. And once he clocks Charity with Vanessa, there's no stopping him!

He kisses Dawn!

But he's soon shocked to hear from Vanessa that Charity was on her way to make amends.

Can they all sort out their differences? 

After calming down over the kiss situation, Billy is keen to sort things with Dawn.

And he wants to marry her as soon as possible!

They might want to be careful about those pesky save the dates though...

Uh oh... this can't be good!

Liv Gets Out

Vinny is distraught to hear that due to lack of evidence, Liv isn't going to be released.

Desperate, Vinny heads to see Manpreet.

She is stunned when he asks her to lie to the police!

Later, new evidence is found proving that Liv is innocent.

But the mood is brought down when Chas reveals Aaron isn’t coming to see her.

Vinny panics that his absence will set off Liv’s drinking. 

Unable to burst her bubble, Vinny tells Liv that Aaron is on his way.

Will he come clean?


Manpreet and Charles remain united despite her threatening to move away.

Reality hits Chas Dingle hard as she watches a “for auction” sign go up in the window of the Woolpack. 

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Weekday evenings