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What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next Week: Things get serious with Jacob and Victoria. Also: Gail is a match for her birth son.

Victoria And Jacob Don't Hold Back.

When Victoria sees Jacob with another woman,

She begins to become jealous.

And her feelings become apparent for Jacob.

Ending in them passionately kissing.

Having spent the night together, Jacob and Victoria are shocked when David arrives unannounced.

But luckily Victoria manages to get rid of him.

Will they be able to keep this secret?

Or will David and Leyla figure it out?

Gail's A Match

Ryan’s devastated when he receives the news that he’s not a match for Oscar.

But as Marlon comforts him, a frantic Gail rushes in and announces that she is a match.

Later on, Ryan and Gail head to the hospital in prep for Oscars surgery but Ryan's worried about meeting him.

Luckily, the meeting goes well.

But Sophie is conflicted

as she sees a bond forming between them.


Belle finds out some devastating news about Tom.

Chloe tells Amy about Mack's affair.

And Bob comes across the girls fighting.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings