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Next week: The King has arrived. Also: Marshall is taken to the hospital and complications arise for Nicky.

The King Has Arrived!

As Belle goes about her day she bumps into an old friend.

Happy to see him, she suggests going for a drink.

But Tom is nervous to see his Uncle Jimmy again.

Marshall Is Taken To Hospital

After reaching out to his Dad and receiving no answer, Marshall looks towards drink to numb the pain.

Laurel worriedly catches him with a bottle of stolen booze, but he ignores her concern and sneaks another bottle upstairs when they return home.

Jai calls for the ambulance and Marshall is rushed to hospital.

Blame turns to Cathy for instigating stealing the alcohol.

Feeling ashamed, she packs her bag and leaves the B&B with tearful eyes.

Complications Arise For Nicky.

With his plan in place, Nicky sneaks into Cain's garage to steal his car.

But little does he know who's lurking around the corner.

To take his mind of things he heads to Ethan's for a night of passion.

But Caleb isn't happy that Nicky is messing up the plan!

Will Nicky crumble at the last hurdle?


Mary comforts Faye when her shelter in Ecuador has a fire.

Chloe's mum help's her out with motherhood.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings