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Next Week: Betrayal In The Village

Next week: Will Rishi come to the wedding? Also: Bob's heartbroken.

The Big Day

The wedding is around the corner but it looks like Jai missed out an invitation.

Later in a drunken state, Rishi encounters Georgia while heading to confront Jai.

As he blurts out hurtful comments, Georgia becomes furious.

Things only seem to get worse when on the morning of their wedding day, Rishi announces who Jai's real father is.

And after a heated argument, Rishi storms out.

As the wedding approaches, Georgia leaves a pleading message for Rishi.

Urging him to come to the wedding.

But will he turn up?

Bob's In Denial

Having had enough of the secrets, Bernice reveals that Wendy and Liam are having an affair.

But Bob refuses to believe it.

Until Wendy announces she's going away for the evening on a work course, or so she says.

Will Bob confront Wendy, or will he stay quiet?


Suni and Nicky want to be more than just friends.

Noah's worried about Amelia.

Victor flirts with Claudette.

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Weekday evenings