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Proposals, Cheating and Difficult Times In The Village

Next week: Belle proposes to Tom. Also: Tracy and Caleb are caught out and Marlon has a difficult Christmas.

Belle's Proposal

Today's a special day for Belle and Tom.

With a blindfold and skates on, Tom takes to the ice.

In front of Torvill and Dean, Belle lowers to one knee and pops the question.

But will Tom say yes?

Tracy And Caleb Are Caught In The Act

It's Christmas, and it's no surprise that Tracy and Caleb want some time alone.

A passionate kiss is shared on the sofa.

Footsteps approach, and it seems Tracy and Caleb have been caught in the act.

The question is, who is it standing by the sofa?

Marlon Has A Difficult Christmas

Marlon reaches breaking point with Gus.

And it looks like Christmas could be ruined.

But with a little help from Paddy, Marlon sees sense.

And Christmas is back on track.


Heath and Cathy are up to something.

And Mack's in danger!

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Weekday evenings