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Coming Up In The Village.

Next week: Was Dan right all along? Also: Jai questions who he is and Victoria is onto Wendy's secret.

Was Dan Right All Along?

Despite Dan's concerns, Amelia continues with her social media profile.

But when Amelia's phone is constantly pinging, Noah investigates and finds the creepy messages on her phone.

Noah and Dan confront her about it but she doesn't want to listen.

She heads to the salon and has a disturbing encounter with a man called Llyod.

She's incredibly spooked when she finds out that he’s tracked her down from her online profile.

Thank god Mandy was there!

Jai Questions Who He Is.

When Jai books the honeymoon suite by mistake, it gives Laurel an idea to propose.

And Jai says, YES!

But as he's sifting through old paper work to find his divorce papers, he comes across a mysterious file.

Upset and confused Jai doesn't know what to do.

Having lost sleep over this, he faces Rishi and demands to know the truth.

Will he reveal it all?

Or will Jai still have questions?

Victoria Is Onto Wendy.

Wendy is torn, she loves Bob

But she feels alive when she is with Liam!

After witnessing something suspicious between the two, Victoria forces Wendy to admit to her affair.

Looks like Liam and Wendy future lies in Victoria’s hands.


Nate receives a mysterious call.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings