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Next Week In The Village.

Next week: Belle's pushed into reliving her past. Also: Chas has bad news for The Dingles and Rhona decides to plead not guilty.

Belle's Pushed Into Reliving Her Past

Tom puts Belle in a difficult position.

Reluctantly, Belle speaks to Angel about the realities of the Secure Children's Home.

Bringing up past feelings and memories.

She feels regretful towards Tom who made her speak to Angel.

But he denies making her do anything.

Chas Has Bad News.

Chas is back.

She has some bad news for The Dingles.

Ruby, being Ruby, wants to know the gossip.

And in the midst of an argument with Caleb, Cain gets involved.

Resulting in a knee to the groin.

Rhona Pleads Not Guilty

Rhona speaks to her solicitor.

Rhona decides to plead not guilty at her trial.

Later, Gus drops April back off.

Gus is frustrated that Rhona is pleading not guilty.

Things escalate as a scuffle occurs.

Leaving Gus falling on the floor injured.


The Kings worry that Angel is unprepared for the ordeal ahead.

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Weekday evenings