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Next week: Alex is left for dead Also: Samson is finally caught out and Nicky receives good news.

It's Not Looking Good For Alex.

Alex continues with his plan to steal drugs and run away with his secret lover Clare.

But he is caught out by Charles who runs after him and pins him down.

As Dawn and Billy sit in court waiting for Alex,

They are unaware that a hit and run has occurred and Alex has been left injured on the floor.

And speculations look towards Charles as the driver.

Would the Vicar go this far to keep Alex away from his daughter?

Samson Is Caught Out.

Samson seems like the hero when Esther falls ill and he takes her to the hospital.

Annoyed at this Noah confesses to Amelia about the money, and she furiously heads out to the village to find him.

With a crowd, Samson has no where to hide.

And is forced to face what he has done.

Kim Delivers Good News.

Kim surprises Gabby and Dawn when she tells them Nicky is here to stay.

And Nicky is over the moon with his permanent position.

But Caleb catches them half clothed in the kitchen.

Is this the moment their relationship is brought to the light?


Mack feels the baby kick.

And Mandy gets the wrong end of the stick.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings