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Next week: Paddy returns home. Also: Leyla kisses Jai and Amy proposes to Matty.

Paddy Returns Home

When Paddy turns up at the Woolpack everyone is in complete shock.

He goes to see Eve, but something still isn't right.

Later on, Bear finds a note.

And Paddy is nowhere to be seen.

Find out more about Paddy's story here.

Leyla Kisses Jai

Jai goes to check in on Leyla to see if she's ok.

But she gets the wrong end of the stick and kisses him!

Just as Laurel walks by...

How will she react?

Will this be the end for Laurel and Jai?

Amy Proposes To Matty

As Matty heads to grab the wine, he returns to find Amy on one knee.

He's lost for words.

Will he say yes?!


Sam is worried Samson will end up like him.

Matty questions if sole custody is the right choice.

And Arthur spots Marshall at his LGBTQ+ event, but Colin isn't happy about it.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings